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We take pride in the fact that we are locally owned and operated.

Your New Ownership & Service Team:

Dear Valued Customers:
It has been a pleasure serving all of you over the past 40-years. It is with a sense of gratitude to each and every one of you that we wish to introduce you to the new Hoffman Quality Water team. We are pleased to say that Aaron Swanson will remain actively involved in the business after five years of dedicated service and having learned many of the critical skills involved with installing and maintaining water treatment systems from Clint Hoffman. In addition, we have reached an agreement with Aaron Grimm as the new owner. We feel fortunate to have found a local owner who is committed to making this a smooth transition and brings a high level of small business experience to the team.  His local ties to the Walla Walla Valley will be a huge asset and he has expressed genuine excitement to serve in his new role. You may notice some changes over the next three to six months but the level of service you can expect from us will not.

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From the fertile fields to the bustling downtown, the Walla Walla Valley has always relied on the purest, highest quality water. And since 1980, Hoffman Quality Water Services has been proud to provide it.

Our commitment to excellence runs deep, from the moment our expert technicians arrive to install or repair your equipment to the final glass of crystal-clear water you pour from your tap. We know that clean, safe water is the foundation of good health and prosperity, and we’re dedicated to helping you make the most of it.

So whether you’re a farmer irrigating your fields, a small business owner running a coffee shop, or simply a resident who cares about the health and safety of your family, trust Hoffman Quality Water Services to keep your water flowing smoothly. Because in the Walla Walla Valley, we know that when it comes to water, quality matters.

High Quality Lab

Whether it is on-site or sending collected samples for Lab analysis, our standards are industry leading.

Unmatched Expertise

Our staff of expert technicians are knowledgeable in the Science of Water.

Cleaning Services

Our team of expert cleaners are equipped with the latest tools and technologies to deliver unbeatable results

Qualified Staff

We are experienced professionals who have been trained in all aspects of water treatment & management.

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Bridget Cummins
Lead Administrator

Bridget joined Hoffman in January and has quickly become an integral part of the team. She has a natural service mindset and genuinely cares about people and the work we do. She’s quick to lend a hand with loading salt for our walk-in customers and never shies away from doing whatever it takes to get the job done. She has a strong sense of faith and community, so it is no surprise that she has fit in seamlessly here at Hoffman Quality Water where we consider ourselves more like family than employees. Bridget and her family have called the Walla Walla Valley home since 2006. She enjoys being a new grandma and taking on home projects that most homeowners would be scared to tackle. It is no stretch to admit that it would be scary to imagine life at Hoffman without Bridget after just 6-months.

Aaron Swanson

Aaron Swanson has been actively installing and maintaining water treatment systems for over six years. He took a leap of faith and changed careers to work alongside the previous owner-operator Clint Hoffman back in late 2017. He has built a reputation as someone that goes above and beyond to provide first-class service and takes great pride in the quality of his work. It is not uncommon to find him hiding out in the shop and office at all hours of the day preparing for new equipment installs and completing estimates just to ensure he never misses one of his kids’ games or events. Aaron enjoys being a dad to four boys and spending time with friends and family. If he’s not watching his own kids’ games, you might run into him at another local sporting event watching a friend’s game. He takes an active interest in people, and it shines through in his work. Customers frequently rave about Aaron’s responsiveness and professionalism. We have received several written letters specific to his timely communications. It is no surprise that he has recently become part of the ownership team at Hoffman in recognition of the value he adds and leadership he has provided during the new ownership transition.

Aaron Grimm

Aaron Grimm; a local resident born and raised in Walla Walla, brings over 20-years of experience in construction and engineering to the Hoffman Team. He attended Washington State University and has worked in government and private contracting. The opportunity to purchase a long-standing successful business in the Valley was one that he could not let pass him by. He owes a lot of the early success of the business to his current partner, Aaron Swanson, and former owner Clint Hoffman. He is excited to help grow the team and aims to continually seek ways to improve the level of service you can expect from Hoffman.

Professional & Industry Standard

Known for their professional and top-of-the-line water treatment solutions, Hoffman Quality Water has been trusted by businesses and individuals alike for years. From their cutting-edge filtration systems to their highly-trained technicians, Hoffman quality water is truly a standout in its field. When it comes to your water, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Choose Hoffman quality water and experience the difference for yourself.


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